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The main change will be concerning Water Cooled Chore Boy engines.

All indications are pointing to production starting about late 1912 as opposed to 1909 as I originally thought.

Again, judging by the few examples remaining, longevity was not a feature of this engine design.

One thing I want to point out on both the Busy Boy and Johnny Boy is the tiny 3/4" exhaust pipe.

The engine for the most part is identical to the larger 2 1/4HP Hired Hand.

The only differences are a smaller bore and slightly smaller flywheels.

The Amanco engines are almost certainly the most popular and prolific horizontal stationary engines among enthusiasts in Britain, which is perhaps a little odd because in their country of origin, America, they were comparatively quite obscure.

However it came about, they seemed to fit the British farm engine market perfectly, even though British engines themselves were highly regarded world-wide.

I have seen various ads depicting this engine on from 1927 and a manual that was copied and sold on Ebay for a Sears peerless washing machine looked like it from the early 20's late 10's.

The Chore Boy was certainly the work horse of the Associated Line.

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