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The first was the totally surreal atmosphere of being close to dropping off and looking up at the stars while King Crimson played "Devil's Triangle".

The second was Mott The Hoople launching into "Ohio".

We are associated with Fylde Trout Fishery so all guests can enjoy free fishing when they stay with us.

Winners of the 2015 & 2016 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

And it was certainly started by a hapless soul looking for his mate Wally. Main things I remember are getting smacked in the chest by a Hells angel en route to the toilet for no apparent reason apart from the fact that I was where he wanted to be ??

The crowd enjoyed disorienting him by yelling "Wally! The sound system was fair apart from the faces who wanted to use their own which was pure crap .

It was pretty cosy and I've still got the photos to prove it!

I can't remember seeing any fighting-I'd remember the bad vibes.

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We specialise in being a family orientated glamping site, children and dog friendly, welcoming families to camp together in groups.We got a lift up from 2 guys that Jeff knew slightly, but didn't hang around with them.We build a little hut on the side of the car for the two of us out of branches, black plastic bin bags and straw.On the Wally front: this was an IOW invention, without a doubt.

It was a running joke carried round the festivals - I remember people at Lincoln referring back to the IOW. I and a few friends were at the festival after spending the night in St James park London in plastic bags - no wonder the police moved us on .way we get to the festival by train get our tent up only to see it go up in smoke as some daft sod lit a fire in the camp ( the field was full of dry hay ) so we stayed the whole time in the field eating nothing but bread & cheese with occasional swaps for something more exotic......I thought BJH were really good as I lay looking at the stars with Mockingbird soaring over me .. Didn't Rory Gallagher (the main reason we came to the festival) do a solo acoustic slot for a group that never turned up ?