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29-Oct-2017 03:37

The enginerds love to shit on all the other schools for being sooooo easy compared to their fucking bio-medical-chemical-quantum-mechanical degrees, but they all just want to work at Goldman like everyone else at Columbia.Engineers can always be found #80 bitching about their twenty hour problem set while they copy someone else’s homework.Internationals: One of the most exclusive groups at Columbia, all the international students somehow manage to find each other immediately during orientation and don't make any lowly American friends.From that point on, you’ll never see them on campus again.Amigos/Il Cibreo/Campo: This place has changed ownership literally more times than you can count in the past few years.The latest incarnation is the Tex-Mex themed Amigos.However, Columbia’s location in the betchiest city of the world and it's plethora of betchy celebs like Jake Gyllenhaal and Katie Holmes that make a cameo earn it some major points.

Hipsters: Skinny kids wearing peacoats and flannels.

The Columbia nightlife scene can get so depressing that downtown is the only option sometimes.

New York City has actual good clubs, so a downtown night can be fun.

St A's: These kids are college students who think they are fucking sophisticates.

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They live in "the Hall" on riverside and think they're the shit because they were rich/pretentious enough to get tapped.

New York City: Columbia students love to brag about how they have the whole city at their disposal, they lovvvvvve to go to cultural events, eat great food, and visit friends at NYU. The truth is that Columbia students are fucking lazy, and no one goes below 96th before midnight. This is where all the wasted athletes, frat guys, and sorority girls go to top off their night.