Dating a busy girl on work

31-Dec-2017 13:10

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And then even if a date is planned, the above busy person might be sick on that day, might not feel like going out,night be that time of the month, have something come up etc. Is there a certain time frame one should be in that position? In the long run, would you be okay with constantly working around her schedule?I feel like I wouldnt always need their time as much as I would knowing that they cared about me, and that I WAS a priority in their life.But since we have been intimate I feel strange dating other women at the same time.

But since we have been intimate I feel strange dating/seeking other women at the same time.But my guy is right, I need to find more things to do. Well, part of here "busyness" seems to be manufactured. I saw her 2 nights last weekend, and not once this week. I remember you talking about how you always have to initiate contact like me, and now it's that she's always busy. Nothing really to offer here just think the similarities are funny. TBF, are you saying a woman will drop things she has been doing to be with a man within the first month?