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From the very beginning in 1979 to the last non-digital strip in 2011, this purrfect book shows you Garfield like you’ve never seen him before! Alex Toth’s Bravo For Adventure Artist’s Edition Includes the complete original art for Bravo For Adventure, variant versions of the Bravo saga featuring Noah Chance and the experimental aircraft called Condor, plus dozens of never-before-seen pencil roughs, preliminary drawings, and story fragments, as well as all twelve pages of Toth’s own coloring for an edition that never saw print, and-freed from storage after 40 years-all of the coloring for what was intended to be Bravo’s original 1975 first printing in France! America’s Best Comics Artist’s Edition Includes a beautiful overview of the ABC line, including complete stories from Promethea #10 and Top 10 #7.

Additionally, a fine selection of shorter stories featuring Tom Strong, Jack B. Basil Wolverton’s Weird Worlds Artist’s Edition Includes an incredible array of comic book stories and pages, including Powerhouse Pepper and Spacehawk, a selection of his classic end of the world illustrations, and a good helping of zany characters of all manner.

Two regular covers: Sam Kieth and Todd Mc Farlane (shown). Mike Mignola’s Hellboy In Hell And Other Stories Artist’s Edition Includes Hellboy In Hell 1-5, and Hellboy stories in San Diego Comic-Con Comics 2, The Comic Buyer’s Guide I070, John Byrne’s Next Men 21, Dark Horse Book Of The Dead, by Mike Mignola. Additionally, there are extensive covers throughout, including many of Zeck’s best! Reed Crandall’s EC Stories Artist’s Edition Includes 22 stories from Crime Suspenstories, Extra! Steranko Nick Fury & Captain America Artist’s Edition Includes Strange Tales 163-168, Nick Fury, Agent of S. Randomly selected books will be inserted with a one-of-a-kind sketch by TODD Mc FARLANE. Will Eisner’s A Contract With God Curator’s Collection This deluxe slipcased, two-volume hardcover set contains full-size, full-color reproductions of Eisner’s unpublished pencil layouts in one volume and his finished inked pages in the companion volume! Craig Russell’s Jungle Book and Other Stories Fine Art Edition Includes: Jungle Book: The King’s Ankus (27 pages), Jungle Book: Red Dog (32 pages), Jungle Book: Spring Running (25 pages), Siegfried and the Dragon (9 pages), Between Two Worlds (3 pages), La Sonnambula and the City of Sleep (10 pages), Dance on the Razor’s Edge (8 pages), Heldentraum (6 pages), Drinking Song (3 pages), PLUS: Jungle Book covers and other behind-the-scenes material! In addition to these stories, this special Fine Art Edition includes artist’s notes with background info on each story as well as a Bonus Gallery with additional art and preliminary drawings that relate to the complete stories.

, Haunt Of Fear, Piracy, Shock Suspenstories, Tales From The Crypt, Two-Fisted Tales, Vault Of Horror.

If I'd ever discover another fanfiction site on the internet that seems like a good place to spread my work, I will do so myself.

This Fantagraphics Studio Edition showcases Burns’s original art for the book, featuring exact reproductions of over 150 of his pages along with full chapters plus excerpts that showcase Burns’s style.All cover images are of the regular edition first printing. Made the Master List sortable and added price and publisher.Price is the listed retail price by the publisher, either from their solicitation or in their online store. Latest reviews: Fantagraphics Studio Edition: Black Hole By Charles Burns, P. Welcome to the Artist’s Edition (AE) Index, comprehensive coverage of all things Artist’s/Gallery/Original Art/Studio Edition.

An index of original art edition books using scans of original art at full size, organized alphabetically by publisher.Highlights include the complete art from The Sandman #1, by Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, and P.