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In some cases, landlords left buildings unmanaged, leaving tenants confused and vulnerable to organised gangs of building hijackers.In time, much of the city deteriorated into a disgusting slum of crumbling, unserviced buildings and crime-ridden streets.United Nations agency Unesco predicts in its Global Trends Towards Urbanisation report that, by 2030, nearly five billion (or 61%) of the world’s people will live in cities.Unesco says the movement of people towards cities has accelerated and the world’s urban population is now growing by 60-million people a year.If he lived in one of the far-flung townships that are a legacy of apartheid’s notorious Group Areas Act, which led to the ejection of black people from the city to faraway locations with dysfunctional public transport, he would probably have to spend more time and money to get to work.It is estimated that, on average, 10 000 people from across the country and beyond its borders migrate to Johannesburg every month.This is his first job since he migrated to Johannesburg from Kwa Zulu-Natal in 2013. It is a cramped room on the first floor of an old, rundown building that was recently the subject of a protracted court case.But it is home, nevertheless: an abode near the city, near work and other amenities such as stores and recreational facilities.

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[Visionary: Property developer Max Katz has been working hard to identify derelict buildings that can be converted into low-cost residential units to address the city’s dire housing needs.Each of the salads I've suggested here is an entire meal in a bowl.They're simple to make (by and large, salads are simply a matter of assembling different ingredients), yet they nevertheless taste deceptively sophisticated.They have also installed prepaid meters to regulate the use of electricity and water. An example is the derelict 44 Nugget Street building, an eyesore whose windows are shuttered with cardboard boxes.

It stands next to a newly developed and beautifully painted building, Diamond Place, whose owners have had to change the entrance to move it away from 44 Nugget.“Derelict buildings — to have people living in a building without toilets, lights, water — it’s a crime,” says Katz.

But the gentrification of the inner city is slowly putting the shine back into this historic metropolis.