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12-Nov-2017 23:04

Today, victim Catherine Wheldon told St Alban's Crown Court how she had lost her life savings of £28,000, and was now £53,000 in debt after falling for the lies.

David Chrimes, prosecuting, said that Miss Wheldon had been forced to return to work in order to clear her debts.

Miss Wheldon gave Wood her life savings of £28,000, and was later persuaded to take out four credit cards and withdraw money on each of them.'All this money was obtained under false pretences,' said Mr Chrimes'It was a cruel and false story of the defendant about having cancer and which has no truth whatsoever.'Christine Matuszowicz, who lost £10,000, said that she believed Wood had hidden the money away.'She was never one to live the lavish lifestyle, so where did the money go?

I think she has hidden it away for when she comes out.'I would have liked to have seen her get longer, because this woman can't change and I think other people will fall victim to her when she comes out of prison.'Also believing the lie that Wood had been suffering from cancer, online dating site user Janice Graham, lost £22,000, while Julie Ferguson parted with £3,000, and William Moult, £1,500.

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Wood also claimed that she was a vet and even a police officer - in one case telling a victim that she was an expert in the gold trade and investments, the court heard.

It heard that one man had given £10,000, which she spent on herself rather than investing as promised.

The court heard that Wood had a string of previous offences dating as far back as 1976.You can connect huge lesbian girls over the world with Les Park. - If you have some private photos to share with your dear friends, you can upload photos in your private album. Tag yourself with the hottest tag, will let yourself have more exposure.

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