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These languages, some of which were up to then completely unknown, while knowledge of the otherswere scanty, are of considerable scholarly interest, retaining as they do numerous archaic features which may throw light upon the historical development of Indo-Aryan and Iranian and upon the interrelation between these two linguistic groups and other branches of Indo-European. The author sums up, in the concluding chapter, the most important characteristics of the skeleton structure of the Lapps,placing them between the dark brachycephalous Central European and Alpine races and the Central Asiatic mongoloids.

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Legendeviser knytte til prosalegender om helgenar i mellomalderen.

All the volumes also contain many interesting samples of local folk-literature, ballads, legends, etc., thus preserving records of valuable traditions that have died out since the books were written. Lappisk (samisk) ordbok grunnet på dialektene i Polmak, Karasjok og Kautokeino = Lapp Dictionary based on the dialects of Polmak, Karasjok and Kautokeino 5 vols. An account of the entire material of Arctic rock-carvings and paintings which have been found in eleven different places in East Norway, with a discussion of the chronology and the choice of motif, style and technique.

A description of the natural condition of the county of Troms, of the main features of the history of Lapp and Norwegian settlements in the county, and of certain peculiarities in connection with the numerous Lapp place names.

Dette er ei dokumantarutgåve der oppskriftene er attgjevne slik dei vart skrivne ned på kladd ettter song eller resitasjon.

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Føremålet har vore å presentere balladanesom ei munnleg overlevert dikting.The author followsthe development from heathen times down to the christianization of the Slav immigrants.