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( (devalayah \devafyilam deulu, ) devalam ) dewal dewal, fo^k temple. / dyutakarah (judiaro,judi- \arji, judialo juarl jugart gambler. krishnah ktnho kanhaiya, kanh 1 * kanhatya, \ kanhoba } Krishna. ( vahis, vahya vcihilit, t \ vahira ) bahir baher outside. 660) observes that the form aptano or, dtpano ; wh K/h occurs in the rock inscription of Girnar, is the intermediate step by which atman was transformed into appa, appano, etc. ( chaturthl, \cha,utthl, ) chauthl charftha fourth. eastj founded on the labours of others ; but while my principal aim has been to furnish the reader with a summary of the results of preceding inquiries, my plan has, at the same time, rendered it necessary for me occasionally to institute fresh researches in different directions for the further elucidation of par- ticular points which were touched upon in the course 1 [This Preface is now reprinted with hardly any alteration, excepting .such, as has been rendered necessary by the difference in the numbers of the pages in which the several topics are treated, and by some additions and omissions.] 2 This peculiarity in the object of the treatise will a- the Euro- i'holar for the intioduction of many details which been quite superfluous. I must, however, refer to the assistance which I have derived from the French version of the Eigveda by M. The dialects of the rock and pillar inscriptions of Asoka.

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| griham I ghalam, aharam, f giham, ( T ghar ' ghar house. Though a small portion only f the present volume consists of " Sanskrit texts," which in some parts are alt aether wanting, and in others but thinly scattered, (apparent rari nantes in gurgite vo&to} I have not con- sidered it necessary to abandon the old title, but it has been slightly modified. The Pali, and its relations to Sanskrit and Prakrit. , Although some idea of the object and contents of the volume may be gained from a perusal of the introduc- tory statement of its plan (in pp. On the original use of Sanskrit as a ver- nacular tongue ; on the manner in which the Praknts arose out 3f it, and on the period of their formation : views of'Pi Nfessors Weber, Aufrecht, Lassen, and Benfey.

Seasons for supposing that the Sanskrit was originally a spoken language 1 .

In ordinary Prakrit it would perhaps be suaro or s'uaro.

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