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29-Oct-2017 18:43

The study surveyed 127 adult Snapchat users and discovered that sixty percent were using it strictly to share funny photos.The second most popular types of photos shared were, of course, selfies.The photos and messages disappear, so there's no record that they ever existed. 3: Because photos supposedly evaporate instantly, teens may be more inclined to engage in sexting because they think the risk is lower their photos will be shared on the Internet. 4: Snapchat and Facebook both claim photos can be permanently deleted.

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And their worries shouldn't be limited to the messages kids are sending back and forth on their phones.

to access the information," Andrea London, of the forensics firm Stroz Friedberg, told Mashable. 5: Snapchat owns royalty rights to every "Snap," or photo message, that users send.