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It is less about gameplay here and more about learning the ins and outs of Springfield.

This game is only for hardcore Simpsons fans, such as myself, as there are many references from the show your average Joe won't understand.

If it worked on Windows 95-XP, it should still work it later versions.

I know a few other games that are defunct like this one..

Moe's Bar has been in many different places for example.

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A ploy to trick into clicking on the screen and revealing slight animation.In Virtual Springfield, the metropolis throbs from the diligent employees at the nuclear plant to the all-night wonders of the Kwik-E-Mart and the eager students of Springfield Elementary.Explore every nook and cranny with over 50 locations.Rip through the package faster than Barney sucks up a sixer of Duff, pop in the CD-ROM with the vigor of Homer devouring his morning donut, and discover a disc that would make even Ned Flanders dang-diddly-darn disappointed. Granted, once there, the actual places are a little better. But after the material runs, you're back on the stop-and-go path.

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The gist of the CD is to wander around Springfield visiting about a dozen Simpsons sights - such as their church and house. As Homer would say, "Lousy no-good rotten disc." The Last Words: Mark: This Springfield consists mostly of facades and false fronts. Judy: I was looking forward to really getting to traipse about Springfield - and have been left on the bus.

Plus the geography of Springfield in this game is not the same as the TV show.

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